07 January 2013

happy-ness is a through the mail success

a while back (as in 11 months ago) i received a couple of cards in the mail from burt hooton.  he has signed through the mail for me a few times, and this latest group of cards marked the fourth (and final) success in four tries.  it's appropriate that i show the cards today, because one of them was his 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams card from the 1981 dodger subset
that's the subset that is the topic of the latest post, published earlier today.  the card features the classic shot of a right-handed pitcher in dodger stadium with the visitor's bullpen gates in the background.  i also have the certified autographed version of the card
here's the back with trick dick mcwilliam's certification
i also have the certified auto version of hooton's 1977 subset card, which features a photo from 1981
i have had a few of these cards signed ttm, and most of the players don't sign over the year like they did for the certified copies.  i'm not sure if that's intentional in order to differentiate them from the certified copies or not.  not that i care - i'm just happy that they take the time to sign them at all.

the other card that happy hooton returned to me was my 1972 topps cubs team card.
hooton is there - first in the middle row, next to don kessinger.  i don't think i will send these to any of the other players unless i have a shot at rick monday.  but even then, there are some dodger cards i would rather have mo sign if the chance arose, and he's not even on the team card anyway.  no, i'm happy with just hooton.

thanks for signing my cards burt!

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