26 January 2013

now it's like i have my own matt kemp dealer

there was a second part to my trade with daniel from it's like having my own card shop.  he recently opened some 2012 topps heritage, and since i didn't buy any, i needed some dodgers.  he sent me more than just heritage, though, like this 2006 upper deck matt kemp star attractions insert
i was a fan of the nameless jersey backs, by the way.  and in a related way, i find it funny that mlb sells yankee jerseys with the names on the back.  my son had a gehrig jersey (the only yankee jersey i would approve of), but instead of just a number 4, there was 'gehrig' on the back.  dumb.

here's another kemp card; this one is from 2012 topps heritage with kemp sharing space with hammerin' hank.
it's nice to see dodgers on the 'now' part of these cards.  for a few years, that wasn't the case, and we would only see the likes of clem labine and johnny podres on the 'then and now' inserts.

here's another kemp from 2012 topps heritage, although i am not entirely certain whether this came from daniel or not - i did some organizing before i got to the scanner
topps really dropped the ball on the league leader cards. kemp should be hanging out in the colored diamond.

here's 'kid k' or 'the claw' or whatever else topps is trying to get us to call clayton kershaw
he was on a then and now card with sandy koufax - that's dodger domination!  speaking of koufax, here's his flashback card from last year's heritage release
for some reason, i scanned only the back of the 2010 topps 206 james loney mini that daniel sent
maybe it was because i couldn't stand another image of a hatless player standing in front of a circus tent or an insane asylum.

here's the front of another miniature card that was in the trade package - it's a 1992 donruss cracker jack eric davis card
and it's small.  it would definitely fit inside of a balloon.

thanks for the trade daniel!

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dkwilson said...

Thanks for a great trade! I'll trade Dodgers cards for D-Backs any day!