01 January 2013

hairston styles

hey! happy new year, everybody!  i want to kick 2013 off right, so i'll show a nice looking dodger card - it features jerry hairston jr. on a 2012 topps update card
a dodger stadium play at the plate.  hairston played some middle infield for the dodgers last year, and turned about 20 double plays.  as much as i like the photo on the above card, a dp turn would have been nice.  hairston still has one more year on his contract with the dodgers so there's hope i suppose.  you can probably guess that i still haven't finished posting all of my double play cards, some of which feature none other than jerry hairston jr.  like his 2003 topps card
and his 2004 topps card
and his 2006 upper deck card
and then there is the double play-errific miguel tejada on this 2005 upper deck espn web gems insert
back to the 2003 topps set, we have pokey reese with an appearance by todd walker
and then we have todd walker returning the dp favor, this time to the giants
i am ok with that.

in the 2003 topps traded set, we got a card of dodger prospect eric riggs turning two
while wearing maury wills' number.  riggs never did make it to the big leagues, although he put together a couple of decent looking seasons at aaa las vegas.

finally, here's a 2009 topps chrome orlando hudson card, featuring a lurking juan castro
this is a refractor parallel, and i like how the empty seats add some nice color to the card.  it looks like a diamondback player is getting forced at second, in case you are curious.

stay tuned for even more double play cards.  there are more than i first thought.

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