27 January 2013

redefining the golden age

i always understood that the 'golden age of baseball' came after the 'dead ball' era and preceded the 'modern era'.  and, when i think of the golden era i think mostly of the 1950's and maybe the early 1960's.  to me, the 1970's are firmly entrenched in the modern era.  so, it was a surprise to find that steven patrick garvey was featured in the 2012 panini golden age release.  here's his base card
it is obvious that the interlocking 'la' has been removed from the hat, as well as the 'dodgers' script on the front of the jersey.  at least rawlings got to have their logo displayed.  and, we get the left field pavilion in the background.  

yes, it is 'golden age' and not 'golden era', but look at the rest of the checklist.  it's full of guys like jackie robinson and hal newhouser and joltin' joe dimaggio and the three stooges.  ok, it's also got lou piniella and gene tenace and joe torre.  and marcia brady.  so the garvey is not really out of place, and i am certainly not going to protest a new base card of the nl iron man.  here's the back, by the way.
there are also (of course) minis
with cigarette backs, among others.
remember kids - draw ponies instead! or something like that.

i picked up the garveys off of sportlots.  i don't know if i am even interested in the other dodgers from the set thanks to the lack of logos.  and, i am thankful that there don't seem to be any garvey autos or artificially rarified inserts in this release.


Scott Sawyer said...

Panini could make a George Brett commemorative set and I'm still not buying it unless they get a license. I wish people would stop buying their baseball products until then.

MrMopar said...

There is an auto in the set. I think they are under 100 copies, but have only seen one surface so far.