06 January 2013

check your stance

time for another double play break and this week's installment of steve garvey's baseball tips.  this is the sixth tip in the series put out by post in 1979, which means next week the tips get bigger as numbers 7-12 were on the backs of 20 ounce boxes of cereal, as opposed to the 15 ounce boxes that had tips 1 through 6.  i am posting one tip a week as a way to count down to spring training.  and away we go!
well, let's see.  ron cey seems to be demonstrating garvey's  pre-pitch advice on his 1976 hostess card
and here's garvey himself on a 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams card showing us that he tends to follow his own advice.
as an aside, the timeless teams blog returns from the holiday hiatus tomorrow with the 1981 dodgers.  be sure to check it out.

now, here's lenny harris who has let his hands 'drop loosely' on his 1991 topps stadium club card
and jackie robinson further demonstrates the bent knees and open hands on his 2003 fleer flair greats card
and voila! sometimes the ball will just end up in your glove, like it did on garvey's own 1985 mother's padres card
even if you leave your bare hand on your knee the whole time.

only about 6 weeks until spring training!

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