22 May 2012

i see you dick tracewski!

i'm trying to get back to a more regular routine as far as posting over at timeless teams goes.  it was tough writing about the orioles of the late 60's and early 70's multiple times.  now, however, we are getting ready to see some of the teams that i am more familiar with, and that, along with my self-motivated self, should result in more frequent posting.  say once a week?

yesterday i posted the cards featuring the 1972 detroit tigers.  those cards included this one of jim northrup with a lurker in the background.
i was hoping that the lurker would help me determine whether the northrup photo was from a certain year (it was taken no earlier than 1972 because of the uniform he is wearing).  anyway, the lurker turned out to be former tigers third base coach dick tracewski.  and, he was no help as he started coaching in detroit in 1972 and stayed there for 24 years.

tracewski split his 8-year playing career pretty evenly between the dodgers and tigers.  he played in 303 games for the dodgers from 1962 through 1965, and 311 games for detroit from 1966 through 1969.  he appeared in three world series (1963, 1965, and 1968) and won rings in each of them.

he has two cards that feature him as a dodger - 1964 and 1965 - and he was kind enough to sign one
of each through the mail for me a few months ago
although i don't own a copy of his 1966 card, i appreciate that his last card as a dodger and his first card as a tiger are so similar.  i also appreciate that tracewski's 1964 card has a couple of lurkers of its own - say hello to coach pete reiser (number 27)!

thanks dick!

oh - by the way.  there will be a contest regarding the timeless teams blog here in a couple of weeks.  just an fyi.

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