06 February 2010

you know what this means...

yes, bipped again. 
beardy this time.  i got the mail yesterday and promptly opened the package.  no fear.  i knew what would likely lie within, but i took it like a man.  sure enough, he returned most of the cards i bipped him with,

and added a few of his own
of course, there were also some pretty cool dodgers along for the ride, like a 1989 topps bazooka tim belcher
number 1 in the set of 22.  not sure what they mean by 'starter set'.  were there more sets issued?  i pray not.

2006 upper deck lance carter
i like to feature cards of lesser known dodgers - who wants to see another manny ramirez card, right? anyway, lance is one-half of the bounty the dodgers received when ned decided to trade edwin jackson away.  the dodgers got exactly 11.2 innings out of carter, which came with a 8.49 era.  the other half, danys baez, did a little better but was traded (along with one of the aybars) to atlanta for wilson betemit.  he didn't work out, so the dodgers sent him to the yankees for scott proctor who was kind of like baez 2.0. nice work ned.

how about a 1987 topps ed vandeberg!
sorry, vande berg. his last name is split in two.  ed was the guy the dodgers received in exchange for steve yeager.  he's also a good ttm signer.

2004 topps finest kaz ishii jersey
this guy wreaked havoc on my hobby when he signed with the dodgers. he has a ton of short prints, jersey cards, bat cards and base cards.  safe to say he didn't live up to the hype.  he did start one of the best games i have ever attended, although it wasn't because of his pitching, it was because shawn green hit 4 home runs!

well done, beardy.  nomar salutes you with the slow clap.


beardy said...

I have better Dodgers cards. Maybe I'll send you some next time... assuming you don't Bip me again.

gcrl said...

my bipping days are done. except for captain canuck. and he can't be sure of when i will strike...

steveisjewish said...

is that the best way to prevent future bippings? by just rebipping? sounds pretty fool proof to me