09 February 2010

we all remember our first, right?

i do. sort of.  this card
was in the very first pack of baseball cards i ever opened.  a 6 year old, sitting in the back seat of the family station wagon, was handed a pack of 1977 topps by his uncle.  somewhere in that pack was this mike schmidt card.  i don't remember any of the other cards (although i have a pretty beat up bill travers card that i must have had for quite a while), and i sadly don't remember if there were any dodgers in the pack.  i think one of the reasons i remember the schmidt so well is that my dad had bought my first baseball glove earlier that year - a rawlings mike schmidt model.

i would hit the hobby full force in 1978, and that set is still my all-time favorite, but mike schmidt and the white bordered pennant set was first.


dayf said...

My first was the 1980 Mike Schmidt.

Schmitty sure does get around, don't he?

AdamE said...

My first card was an 86 Topps Walter Payton Recoed Breaker card. I still have it.

Play at the Plate said...

My first was a 1981 Fleer Steve Carlton.