02 February 2010

it turned into a bulldog bip

dayf bipped me.  bulldog style. using 1991 donruss.  witness:
as if that weren't clear enough, there was this:
and this:
here's one of the dozen or so that survived unblemished:
thankfully, dayf also included some other dodgers, like a 1989 donruss william brennan:
and a 2008 ud timeline gold chin-lung hu
along with a 2001 topps heritage todd hundley
and an 'already disrespecting the umpire' jose offerman 1993 donruss
here's a 1987 kmart fernando valenzuela that is yellowing just like all those stormtrooper action figures i owned 33 years ago
and a worthless paul 'i am so lucky that jim tracy likes me for some reason' loduca relic.
and the centerpiece of the trade, a 2002 fleer greats of the game maury wills auto:
thanks dayf!

1 comment:

Collective Troll said...

the best thing about all of the Bips that I have seen is they all end with a really awesome card. That Wills is great!