23 February 2010

above average cards from average joe

i recently completed a trade with average joe and here are some of the cards i received:

1989 bowman fernando valenzuela
check out those stirrups!  i think they make fernando look taller.  speaking of taller, i am not/was not a fan of topps trotting out the early 50's size for these cards.  i think they learned their lesson, as they have not done so since.

1986 fleer ron cey
it's still strange to see cey as a cub.

1988 fleer star sticker steve sax

1990 fleer jose gonzalez
i think there were high hopes for jose in the late 80's but by 1990 things had not panned out.  the dodgers traded him to cleveland for mitch webster.

1991 leaf bobby ojeda
the dodgers acquired ojeda from the mets for hubie brooks, and he pitched pretty well for them in 91.  in 92, though, he was part of the worst team in los angeles dodger history, not that it was his fault by any stretch of the imagination.  still, i associate him (and eric davis and todd benzinger and a few other dodger transients) with that team.  after leaving the dodgers as a free agent, ojeda signed with cleveland for the 93 season.  ojeda was in the boat that tim crews was driving when crews and steve olin were killed during spring training 1993.  he did pitch for cleveland later that season, but made only 11 total appearances after the accident.

thanks joe! hope you enjoyed the cards i sent your way.

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