08 February 2010

i am staggered and heartbroken and bipped all at once

although it's a mini-bip, courtesy of heartbreaking cards of staggering genius.
five 1994 donruss special edition ramon martinez cards.  i can deal with that.

there were many many more cards included, such as a 1986 topps carlos diaz
carlos was born in honolulu, which is fairly rare for a major leaguer - baseball reference shows only 35 hawaiians have played in the big leagues, and not all of them were from the capitol city.  of course, diaz is the second third dodger pitcher to be born there - charlie hough and sid fernandez are is the others.  here's some trivia - the dodgers traded fernandez to get diaz in 1983!

2005 topps total hee seop choi.
jim tracy's whipping boy manning first in dodger stadium.  i sure wish topps would bring total back.  where else am i going to get a brent leach card?

2007 upper deck mark hendrickson
i wish the dodgers would go ahead and retire maury wills' number already.  i know it's against their policy (other than the jim gilliam exception) but come on.  when dave roberts wore it, he had maury's blessing.  i doubt big bird did.

a couple of autographs - 2004 fleer greats jeff torborg
it's a sticker, but still...

and a 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams mickey hatcher
on card stunt man!  i wish mickey would sign ttm.  the only time i have met him (a couple years ago at spring training) i was unprepared.

finally, matt sent me my first 2010 card.  not just dodger, but card. 
it's true - i haven't bought any 2010 stuff. yet. i probably will, although i will likely just buy singles.  until i really feel the need to open packs.  which should be any day now.

thanks matt!

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steelehere said...

Sid Fernandez, who pitched all of two games for the Dodgers 1983, was born in Honolulu as well.