22 February 2010

a collection of baseball cards from baseball card recollections

doc over at baseball card recollections not only makes awesome cards that should have been, he also is trying to give away 1000000 cards.  first though, he offered the cards up for trade, and i pounced on a few dodgers.  here are some of the cards i received.

1989 cap'n crunch eddie murray
still sealed, with gum, and backed with a robin yount card.  i wonder if this gum cuts up the roof of your mouth like cap'n crunch cereal does.

1976 hostess steve yeager
another food item card.  pretty cool that yeager was featured in this set as he hadn't really established himself - 1975 was really his first full season as the dodgers' catcher.

1981 topps sticker burt hooton
the mvp of the 1981 nlcs!

1986 topps mini leader bob welch
this card celebrates the fact that bob ranked 5th in the national league in era in 1985.  in fact, he finished second on the dodgers' staff (orel hershiser had a 2.03 era to welch's 2.31), and the dodgers had 3 of the top 6 in the league that year (hershiser, welch, and fernando valenzuela with a 2.45 era).  dwight gooden led the league with a 1.53 era.

there were also a few cards featuring that jewel of chavez ravine, dodger stadium, such as this 1992 fleer ultra randy tomlin card
it's always nice to see the sun shining on the field level scoreboard.

thanks doc!  i'll get your pre-71 cards to you soon!

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Doc said...

Glad you got the cards safely, and that you enjoy them. Always makes me happy to get cards to a good home.

Doc T