04 February 2010

trading with giant fans

no, not of mythical large people.  fans of the team. no not that one, the baseball one.  you know, the one in san francisco.  willie mays? barry bonds?  yeah, i don't blame you for not thinking of them right away.  i try hard not to think about them.  however, there are some pretty generous giant fans out there. 

for example, matt of a giants blog and also the 1976 project recently sent me some dodgers, including

a bunch of 1981 topps stickers such as the infield
with russell and lopes in the 'cindy brady' pose,

and more stickers!  like 1981 fleer star stickers ron cey
and steve garvey
using a recycled photo, even.

matt also sent me this:
no, not the card.  instead, matt sent a dvd of the first 8 innings of game 4 of the 1974 world series.  it was awesome to see the infield again, along with andy messersmith and dr. mike marshall.

i also traded some giants for dodgers with reader jim.  he sent a bunch of great cards, including
a 1975 hostess ron cey (in dodger stadium!),
a 1975 hostess dave (don't call me davey yet) lopes,
a 1976 hostess dave (still not davey) lopes,
and a 1977 hostess dave (still just dave) lopes.
along with a couple of cards for my 1976 set, like the henry cruz rookie
looks like ellis didn't get the memo about not smiling for the camera.

thanks again matt and jim! sorry it took so long to post!


MattR said...

Those Hostess sets are hard to get, but I think I'll start working on them once I accomplish a couple of other collecting goals.

James said...

The more Dodgers that leave my house the better! You sent great stuff my way too, GCRL!