26 February 2010

randy 'handsome ransom' jackson through the mail success!

if you had told me when i was a kid that i would be sending some 1956 and 1957 topps cards to a retired brooklyn dodger in the mail, i would have replied 'i own 1956 and 1957 topps cards!?!?!?!'  well, i do (although not too many) and i did send a couple of doubles to randy jackson.  he was kind enough to sign 'em and send 'em back, pronto.

1956 topps
he signed them 'ransom jackson', which is his proper name.  it gave way to the nickname 'handsome ransom'.  he broke in with the cubbies in 1950 after starring in college football at texas and tcu.  jackson joined the dodgers in time for the 1956 season.

here's the 1957 topps
i wish i could be sure that that's duke snider lurking in the background.  i'd send this card off to him to sign.  jackson was with the dodgers for three seasons, including the first in la.  well, i'll let him tell you:
what kind of stories, i wonder...

thanks ransom!

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