22 February 2010

thoughtful cards from thoughts and sox

it is always a pleasure to open the mailbox and see unexpected padded envelopes.  especially when they hold treasures such as those sent to me recently by adam at thoughts and sox!  behold the unforeseen greatness with nary a bipping in sight!  (first let me applaud adam on his $2 ($2!!!!) purchase of a 1954 bowman preacher roe!  we should all be so lucky).

1960 topps norm larker
larker had the season of his life in 1960, batting .323 to finish 2nd in the nl batting average race (dick groat hit .325).  he essentially took over first base from gil hodges, and then yielded it to ron fairly as he was selected by the houston colt .45's in the expansion draft after the 1961 season.

2009 upper deck danny ardoin
ardoin has bounced around a bit since signing with the a's in 1995.  he debuted with the twins in 2000, then went to kansas city (but didn't make it to the bigs), signed with the rangers (appeared in 6 games), signed with the rockies (115 games over 2 seasons), picked up on waivers by the orioles (5 games), signed by the nationals (no big league appearances), traded to the astros (ditto), traded to the cardinals (no dice), and finally signed by the dodgers ( 24 games in 2008, although none in 2009).  that is quite a ride around professional baseball.

2009 topps ticket to stardom matt kemp
i believe matt kemp's ticket has been cashed.

2009 ud goudey 4 in 1 matt kemp, russell martin, andre ethier, rafael furcal
i like the 4 in 1 cards, although there are too many variations.  i might have to do one of these for the infield.

2008 donruss threads duke snider (century legends)
always nice to get a new card of the duke, although the photos are rarely new.  i think i've seen this image on several cards now.

2008 donruss sports legends paul molitor
adam also hit on one of my favorite non-dodgers (more expansive post coming soon).  i was a big molly fan for quite a while.

thanks adam!  i am compiling some red sox to send you as i type!


MattR said...

wow--the Dodgers exposed Larker in the expansion draft that soon after a near batting title. They must have felt good about the players coming up to replace him.

AdamE said...

Glad you liked the stuff.

I got lucky on the Preacher. One of the first things I asked the guy when I got to his booth was if he had any Preachers. (I'm always looking for Roe cards) I'm glad he was wrong.