24 February 2010

1207 things i like about you

actually, these are 7 cards i like about 1207 consecutive games.  mainly because he sent them to me in a trade!  always nice to do business with a fellow garvey fan.

1985 leaf bill russell
leaf cards would have been better if they had given donruss the o-pee-chee treatment.  shameless plug.

1971 topps phil niekro
i received a few 1971 cards i needed, which is always an awesome thing. even moreso when it's a hofer.

1986 sportflics davey lopes
seeing davey at home in wrigley is weird.

1992 upper deck minors henry blanco
blanco must be playing for bakersfield if i know my dodger hats.  blanco debuted with the dodgers in 1997, playing third base.  he got a hit in his first major league at bat, and homered in his third.  he only had 5 at bats with the dodgers, and has played in colorado, atlanta, milwaukee, minnesota, chicago and san diego since then, mainly as a catcher.

1993 bowman omar daal
here i though daal was from venezuela, but he clearly hails from the black forest in germany.  daal went 4-0 in his third year in the bigs with the dodgers, although his era was over 7.  he was traded to the expos, but the dodgers got him back a few years later from the phillies.

1995 bowman rick gorecki
bowman must have liked (like me) the 1994 upper deck cards with the compressed photo on the left.  bowman, however, went one step further and reversed the negative!  i have to admit, this is a very strange card design.  it has a 'phantom zone' quality to it.  anyway, gorecki appeared in 4 games for the dodgers before being selected by the devil rays in the expansion draft.

finally, we have a 1991 jimmy dean darryl strawberry
i can't think of anything to say about darryl or jimmy dean, so i'll just say thanks rob!

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steelehere said...

If you knew how many JD sausages biscuits my family ate when this set was released in 1991, you'd be (sadly) impressed.