16 February 2010

oh canada! a terry puhl through the mail success!

in honor of the olympics, canada's first (home) gold medal, and just general good canuck-ary everywhere, here are some cards i sent to one of my favorite canadians, terry puhl.  he was kind enough to sign and return them for my collection:

1978 topps
1985 donruss
1987 fleer
the thing i liked most about terry is that he's not from a big city or the 'normal' canadian baseball hotbeds found in bc.  he's a prairie person from saskatchewan.  a roughrider, if you will.  or is it rough rider?  i get confused.

anyway, thanks terry!

1 comment:

Captain Canuck said...

Roughrider. one word. or green beer drinking bastards. that's a socially acceptable alternative.