17 February 2010

january joe collector box break loot

i should be getting the february cards fairly soon, so i need to show off what came my way via the january breaks hosted by jeff at i am joe collector.

2007 upper deck exquisite nomar!
i honestly don't know why upper deck is so opposed to using a baseball diamond as the background on their non-flagship cards.  especially when all of their other designs are variations on an 'x'.

2007 upper deck exquisite dual auto - glen perkins and alexi casilla
casilla got the big hit in game 163 last year, but he joins perky in the dog house.  now with former dodger orlando hudson on board, casilla may be looking at more aaa time.

speaking of perkins, here's a 2009 topps 206 auto
two perkins hits.  not much to say about that.

here's some 206 base cards - jonathan broxton and orlando hudson
they look like they are playing catch outside the circus tents set up on the outskirts of town.

clayton kershaw and roy campanella
under the yellow skies of where, exactly?

finally, a bunch of 206 minis - manny ramirez, russell martin, jackie robinson and joe mauer.
not too bad for a group break.

thanks jeff!

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