13 February 2010

leigh neuage - the rest of the story

a couple of days ago i posted this card
a 2003 bowman chrome of dodger prospect leigh neuage.  i noted that his final season in the minors was at age 19 even though he seemed to have good control and ratios.

after that post, i received an email from leigh's father letting me know that leigh had passed away in august of 2003.  his father has an online memorial at http://neuage.org/leigh.htm

and, while i use this site as a 'baseball card celebration of the dodgers...' it is clear that there was more to celebrate about neuage than that.

my condolences to the family.


SpastikMooss said...

Poor guy, 20 years old is far too soon for anyone to leave this world. My condolences to the family as well.

Anonymous said...

In your own way, you have extended his memory. A sad reminder that life can be fleeting...