14 February 2010

bobby (happy) valentine(s day) through the mail success!

how appropriate.  late last summer i sent 3 cards to ralph branca's son-in-law, and he signed and returned two of them in about 3 months' time.

first, his 1971 rookie card
mike strahler signs ttm also, but i have not yet sent this to him.  not sure if i will. strahler would later join valentine in the frank robinson/andy messersmith trade after the 1972 season.

here's bobby's 1972 topps card that he signed:
he kept the 1978 topps, which had him in a mets uniform. 

bobby's back in the states now, working for espn, but i am guessing his name will come up with any early season managerial firing.

thanks bobby! and happy valentine's day!

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