16 February 2010

cards from the hall of fame!

the great sports name hall of fame, that is!

this guy doesn't have a hall of fame name, but his nickname is pretty good - it's a 1994 topps gold cory 'corndog' snyder
followed by a 1993 pacific ramon martinez
el es un lanzador.  bueno.

a nice double play turn, courtesy of juan samuel's 1988 score
kinda looks like the murph sliding in...

here's another dp, this time on a 1992 leaf alan trammell, with big mac sliding in
and another 1992 leaf, this time it's tim naehring and it looks like mr. astro has successfully broken up the double play
here's naehring again, this time on a 1995 pinnacle.
looks like he got the ball away this time.

thanks tim!  i'll have some cards out your way soon!

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