11 February 2010

great (mr.) scott!

i recently received some cards from mr. scott.  he sent a bunch of dodgers which is just what i wanted.  here's some highlights!

1999 topps darren dreifort
little d at home in dodger stadium.  i really like this card because of the bright home whites and the outfield mural.  too bad darren couldn't stay healthy.

1993 topps eric davis.
this card could be bad ass, with the tattoos showing and the pose, but i would guess he loses points with the pullover tucked in and the oversized sweatband with what i assume to be his likeness.

2009 topps unique manny ramirez
not too sure what is so unique about these cards.  moving on...

2003 bowman chrome leigh neuage
the thunder from down under.  not really, although he is from australia.  neuage's last year in the minors was 2003, when he was 19.  he debuted in the rookie league at age 17.  i wonder if there was an injury or something.  it looks like he had good control (3:1 k:bb) but he gave up a lot of hits.  we will never know.

2006 upper deck ovation jd drew
the only ovation i am inclined to give jd drew is the kind he still gets in philly.  if you can call that an ovation.

2004 upper deck sp prospects shawn green
i have never understood the thinking behind putting the same photo on a card twice.  although i do like 1994 upper deck, and one of the photos on those cards is all scrunched.  i hate when i contradict myself.

2006 bowman joel guzman jersey
joel was once my baseball salvation.  i could not wait for him to get to the majors and lead the dodgers to the dynastic destiny that no doubt awaited them.  it didn't quite work that way, but i still have matt kemp!

thanks mr. scott!  i will have some yankees to you soon!

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