05 February 2010

why i stopped complaining about antique-ing 32 years ago

no, i didn't find a lot of nrmt t206 cards or a revolutionary war era philadelphia made desk, so calm down.  my parents used to enjoy dragging the kids to antique stores.  they also enjoyed stopping at antique stores on vacations.  one evening, circa 1978, it was decided that we would be going antique-ing.  i whined.  i pouted.  i asked if i could stay in the car.  i was rightfully ignored and off we went.  i remember taking 25 cents along, just in case we stopped at a gas station that carried packs of topps (note - back then, you could find packs of cards at some gas stations for 25 cents.  and topps was the only brand.  this is all true).

anyway, i dragged my feet into the antique store and eventually found a shoebox with about 2 packs worth of cards in it, including this card, a 1976 topps reggie smith.
at that time, i knew reggie had not always been a dodger, but i had never seen this card, or any of his earlier cards.  they wanted a quarter for it, which i gladly forked over.  so what if it was only 3 years old, overpriced and hardly an antique.  it was reggie smith, certified badass!

these days, when i walk into antique stores, i keep an eye open for cards and am always disappointed with the crap that i see.  overpriced, mass produced crap.  but i still look, all because of a 1976 reggie smith card!

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Anonymous said...

You must be spending too much time in Stillwater - not all antique stores are like that!

I still look but like you said, most want way to much for the junk wax.