03 April 2009

west virginia, mountain mama, take me home, country (cards)

not sure if billy at west virginia cards is pleased or not that i referenced the thing i think of first when i think of west virginia, but hey - john denver rocks. although, i think i first heard that song performed by donny osmond on 'the love boat'.

anyway, billy sent me a bunch of cards a little while back. here are some highlights:

1981 donruss rick sutcliffedonruss was in love with wrigley field for their 81 set. at least for the dodgers. the 1979 nl roy, sut actually debuted in 1976! in 3 short years after this release, rick would be doing his best work in wrigley, winning the 1984 cy young award. now he's slurring his words in the booth on espn. he looks pissed here, like he knows tommy is going to leave him off the post season roster.

another wrigley shot - 1981 donruss bill bucknercheck out that growler! why would buckner shave around that? it's like a brazilian wax on his neck. oh well, buckner was a guy i always rooted for. it was easy to do, since he was a former dodger, a good player, and the dodgers were successful. if they had sucked while billy was winning batting titles, i probably wouldn't have liked him as much.

1986 donruss enos cabellnow donruss is in dodger stadium. enos was one of those guys they threw at third base in the years after the penguin left. in 86, though, he only played a handful of games there. by that time, the mad dog was manning the hot corner. good times.

1985 opc steve yeageryet another neck shot for steve. with the unbuttoned jersey. a bit magnum pi-ish. i was disappointed that adam sandler didn't use yeager in his 'hanukkah song' instead of hall of famer rod carew (he converted), but the rhyme didn't work so i understand.

a couple of white sox double plays:

2008 topps juan uribeturning it over v-mart, and

1991 upper deck scott fletcherjumping over oh my omar. pretty sure that's omar.

2003 upper deck vintage adrian beltrei love love love this set. heavy stock. 1965 topps design. awesome. perfect. i need to collate my singles to see if i have the set. will do that this weekend.

billy - thanks a lot for all the great cards!

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Billy Suter said...

I'm glad you liked what I sent you. I hope I filled in some spaces in your collection.

By the way, "Country Roads" was written after John Denver's friends told him about their trip to Virginia, not West Virginia. We don't have the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Shenandoah River, but they do.