08 April 2009

i owe mike davis an apology

well, not really. his 1990 topps card, maybe.

as i have mentioned here a few times, one of my primary collection foci is the topps base and traded dodgers set from each year, starting in 1970. i thought i had them all, nicely stored in two binders. i was wrong.

going through and catalouging my cards, i was mindlessly checking off each set. when i finished with the 1990 set, i saw that it was not complete. i was missing mike davis. now, this set is probably my least favorite topps set ever, but i wouldn't hold that against mike davis, the man who drew the biggest walk in dodgers history. luckily, i had a stack of 1990 topps dodgers which contained about 7 mike davis cards.

so now he's in the binder next to kal daniels where he belongs.

sorry to have missed you, mike.

1 comment:

Dusto_Magnifico said...

I know my dad has a lot of cards... but dang man... you got em all!