23 April 2009

padrographs package - a well balanced meal!

this has taken me far too long to post. sorry about that, rod.

rod at padrographs sent me a fantastic, well balanced package a while back. he hit the five main collecting groups - garvey, dodgers, double plays, dodger stadium backgrounds, and plays at the plate, with even a final tribute for good measure. i love receiving any of these types of cards, but rod really put some thought into it. enough of that, let's see some cards!

1987 donruss barry bondsa dodger stadium background. and an auto! wowza. nice hat, too. in his first full series in the majors, the dodgers held bonds to 1 hit in 10 at-bats, and struck him out 5 times. of course, they also walked him 5 times. i remember bobby bonds being in the booth with vin scully or ross porter at one point during the series and being deservingly proud of his son.

1987 donruss barry larkinanother dodger stadium shot of a former nl mvp. i spent many a game out there in the pavilion. good good times.

1995 topps craig shipleythe aussie turns two. craig began his career with the dodgers, and was involved in that 12-player deal that sent ken caminiti to the padres in 1994, setting up that great finish to the 1996 season where they swept the dodgers to win the nl west by one game. of course, the dodgers won the wild card and both teams were swept in the first round anyway.

1989 topps padres leadershere's the play at the plate. nice that gary carter, a met, is more recognizable on the padres leaders card than the padre shown. why not just have a smiling tony gwynn photo and be done with it?

2009 upper deck russell martinnice.

2008 upper deck documentary russell martinnice, but documentary still sucked.

and a ton of garveys. sure, they were padres garveys, but that's ok.

1987 fleer mini steve garveyyou can shrink steve garvey, but you can't defeat him.

1987 sportflics steve garveythese cards don't scan well at all. but you get the idea.

the final tribute was garvey's 1988 score, which i have posted before, so i won't show it again here, even though it's a favorite of mine.

rod - thanks for taking the time and putting together such a great package!

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