15 April 2009

death, taxes and more night owl cards

fitting that on this day, tax day, where one of the two certainties in life is dealt with, i am posting about a third certainty. great cards from night owl. just look at these things!

1995 leaf darren dreifort two photos. two colored backgrounds. text overlapping and in different fonts, colors and directions. if only there were more foil! so distracting that i forget about ranting about dreifort!

2008 bowman chrome prospects scott vanslyke.

when in trouble, when in doubt, spin your helmet when you make an out.

1990 fleer dave hansen.

i needed this card for my dodgers set, so i activated the owl signal. i sent out the call by taping an owl to my searchlight. greg knew what was needed.

1972 topps al downing.

terribly, horribly miscut. but beautiful. who knew there were stars over there? hopefully we'll see this beauty again!

1967 topps phil regan.

looks like the vulture is posing in front of his mom's colonial style home.

thanks again greg! more dodgers headed your way soon.


night owl said...

I have two other '72 Al Downing cards and both are miscut and both have the stars on the left side!

Andy said...

gcrl you lucky bastard. I didn't yet ship your winnings from my weekly contest, and I just ripped a blaster of 09 heritage and got a Chroney card. What's a Croney, you ask? Why a Chrome Loney, of course. It'll be on its way to you with a few less special Dodger cards.

Anybody who wants to check out the contest, head over here.