17 April 2009

let's turn two with some heartbreaking cards of staggering genius

matt has sent me a couple of packages over the last few weeks - one had a bunch of double plays. here's a sampling.

here's a trifecta - a dodger player turning two in dodger stadium. and it's nomar!i miss nomar, or the idea of nomar. i actually like our roster, but nomar has been a favorite of mine for a long time. i wish him well in oakland.

a giant. 1996 upper deck royce clayton.
soaring over jeff kent. it could be the angle of the photo, but looks like jeff is going for the hard slide, away from the bag, in what looks like a spring training game. that's just the way kent played.

1995 denny hocking.
i am pretty sure that denny hocking and his wife actually had twins. although once christian guzman came on the scene, hocking was gone.

matt, thanks for the cards! i will post some others that you have sent, too. good times.

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