05 April 2009

cards from the easy life

i sent steve at the easy life some mets and timeline cards that he needed. he sent me a couple of cards i needed (one was a 2009 topps that i will feature later) and a nice joe mauer insert. here they are:

2008 upper deck timeline (2004 timeless teams sp) cc sabathiai've heard cc referred to as captain cheeseburger. to me, in this photo at least, he reminds me of grimace. anyway, cross another one of the want list. i am still trying to complete this subset, but it's not at the top of my priority list anymore. i really want to complete my 1978 opc set this year. still, if you have any of these timeline cards, let me know!

2008 topps trading card history joe mauer.
in the style of 1941 play ball. i am hoping mauer's back gets better soon. no offense to mike redmond, but the twins can't afford to fall too far behind in the al central.

thanks steve! glad you enjoyed the cards i sent too.

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