07 April 2009

feasting on roadkill

i sent duane at democratic roadkill some 1989 donruss cards he needed recently, and he returned a very thoughtful package with some really cool cards. here's a taste of the roadkill menu:

first, he laid waste to my 2008 a&g want list with this guy:andrew miller. it's nice to have this set completed.

next, he sent some double plays, like this 1993 donruss greg litton.litton stands triumphantly over barry bonds.

and this, a 1992 topps jeff huson.jose canseco can't break up the turn. another roider. still, i am a canseco fan. bonds, not so much.

then there was a 1994 score gold rush mickey morandini.featuring brett butler sliding in, at dodger stadium, no less. trust me, the card doesn't scan well, but that's butler and it is dodger stadium.

speaking of butler, here's his 1997 topps chrome card.butler missed a bunch of 1996 due to his throat cancer diagnosis.

here's the guy who played in his place, todd hollandsworth and his 1997 topps chrome issue.the 1996 roy with his last name going from armpit to armpit.

finally, here's another 1994 score gold rush. this time it's steve finley. not a dodger or a double play or a dodger stadium shot, but rather finley in the astrodome running down a ball with the dodgers logo wall panel on display. a cool card that i would likely have never seen.

thanks duane!

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