25 April 2009

turning my red sox blue

adam at thoughts and sox recently advertised some 1960 dodgers available for trade. vintage for vintage. i sent a couple of red sox - a 1962 somebody and a 1968 league leader card (featuring the pride of santa maria, jim lonborg). adam sent me these beauties:

charlie neal.neal hit 2 homeruns in game 2 of the 1959 world series, and batted .370 for the series. the dodgers, of course, won the championship, as shown on

this card.the champs celebrate. i don't know who is getting doused with booze - no dodger is listed as 33 at baseball-almanac but it could be joe becker, one of the coaches. anyone know for sure?

thanks adam. let me know if you have more dodgers to unload for sox!


night owl said...

I guessed Charlie Dressen here:


I'm not completely positive. But it sure looks like him.

AdamE said...

I'm glad you like the cards. Unfortunatly for you Night Owl got the rest of my 1960 Dodgers.

gcrl said...

it's confirmed as joe becker. becker was the pitching coach for the dodgers from 59-64 i believe, and wore 33. i saw a classic mlb game from the 63 world series on mlb network and vin identified number 33 as becker during a visit to the mound.