27 April 2009

traded sets contest winnings! if i can do it, so can you!

andy over at traded sets started a new, weekly contest. it's pretty easy to enter - just pick the winning pitcher and one player who will go yard for each of 3 games he chooses. if you win, you get some cards of your favorite team or something along those lines, but if all of your picks are correct, you also win the jackpot. so far, the jackpot contains a 1988 score traded set, two packs of 2009 topps heritage, and 6 packs of 2009 upper deck. not too bad.

to win takes careful study of player tendencies, weather, and a ridiculous amount of luck. i got lucky in week 1, and here's what i received.

2009 topps heritage chrome james loney.a chroney, as andy calls it.

2009 upper deck clayton kershaw.our answer to the giants' tim lincecum. but we also have chad billingsley. so there.

2009 upper deck rafael furcal.suddenly the dean of the dodger infield.

2009 upper deck blake dewitt.this card has a 1973 topps appeal to me for some reason.

2008 topps andruw jones.not only was he a bust, but this card is the worst dodger photoshop job by topps since, well, the 2007 juan pierre card.

thanks andy! i'm coming for that jackpot!

1 comment:

Andy said...

And you won again this past week! Congrats.

I've decided to change the format of the contest to just picking winning teams...Week 4 entries are now being accept right here.