02 April 2009

the first upper deck airbrushed card (and one other thing i learned by reading 'card sharks')

i never really thought about why a minor leaguer in san bernardino would be wearing a seattle mariners hat, but i certainly didn't think it was airbrushed. now i know better, thanks to "card sharks". at least upper deck had the foresight/fortune to pick junior as their cover boy so to speak.

another thing i enjoyed reading in the book was this little nugget on page 60: “you sound like a broken record sometimes, but our guide is just that – a guide", [dr. james] beckett said. "ultimately, a card is only worth what someone will pay for it." amen.

in other news, i have added my want list for 1989 upper deck. i figure i might as well add another set to my 'to do' list. don't worry - i already have junior. let me know if you can help me out!


ernest said...

hey man... i can help you with the '89 set... i literally have a 5,000 count box filled with commons... fortunately, they are in numbered sequence... give me the weekend to go through it... do you happen to have any dodger extras you can trade?... please let me know

gcrl said...

ernest - if there's one thing i have, it's dodger extras. what are you looking for?