13 April 2009

the cycle of life

back in may of 1970, i was suspended in fluid, unaware of wes parker and his hitting for the cycle.
in my years of dodger fandom since, i have seen, listened to, or celebrated several no-hitters, two world championships, 3 more world series appearances, a four home run game, countless other home runs - even a world series game one walkoff, and the application of the 4th out rule. but i had not, until today, been alive for a dodgers cycle.

orlando hudson (on a 2009 goose joak original by dave himself), thanks for the memory.

here's hoping it doesn't take another 39 years, though.

1 comment:

night owl said...

Wes Parker was my first thought when I found out Hudson hit for the cycle.

It's about bleeping time!