06 April 2009

opening day should be a holiday

but it's not.

i am of the opinion that topps should cut this product and bring back total. but that's just me.

1998 todd hollandsworth
the dodgers lost the 98 opener (on the road) to the cardinals.

2000 eric karros
they beat montreal (on the road) to open the 2000 season.

2002 shawn green
they lost to the giants at home to start 2002.

2003 kevin brown
they shut out arizona (at arizona) in 2003 to kick off the season

2004 eric gagne
the padres beat the dodgers in the 2004 opener, at dodger stadium.

2005 steve finley
the dodgers lost to the giants (at san francisco) to open 2005.

2006 brad penny
another opening day home loss, this time to atlanta.

2007 chad billingsley
the 4th opening day loss in a row. this one in milwaukee.

2008 russell martin.
finally - a win! a 5-0 shutout against the giants, at dodger stadium

and since i haven't seen any 2009 opening day product, here's a 2009 goose joak original
bring on the first pitch!