04 April 2009

goose joak bullpen

time for some more 2009 goose joak original dodgers.

this time, we'll focus on the bullpen. i already featured hong-chih kuo, but here are more of the relievers.

guillermo mota.hopefully we don't bring back loduca to try to placate plaschke.

jonathan broxton.close 'em out big guy!

eric stults.not stoltz. although pulp fiction was awesome. and not to be confused with

tanyon sturtze.a torre tag-along who has been pitching well this spring. keep it up.

james mcdonald.let's see what he can do.

claudio vargas.mop it up.

eric milton.i had tickets to his no-hitter but didn't go. that sucks.

cory wade.set up guy primed for a big season, i hope.

ramon troncoso.that's a closer's name if i ever heard one. but i think he wants to start.

scott elbert.sent down to triple a, but he'll be back.

shawn estes.released, but he came back to try to be the loogy. i thought that's why they picked up...

will ohman.the latest dodger. started things out with a hr to the first batter he faced. i actually like this card a lot because it reminds me of the late 60s/early 70s cards where the photo gives no indication of the team, making it easy for use when players switched teams.

more to come...

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