19 April 2009

tribe cards clearing house event - twins and dodgers edition

better late than never, here are some highlights of the cards david sent as part of his new year's clearing house event:

1991 topps jose gonzalez it's really billy bean. not beane. topps had a few of these types of corrected errors in 1991. curious.

1991 topps stadium club jose gonzalezhere's what jose really looks like.

2006 fleer ultra cesar izturisusually these pac bell/chevron cars shots are reserved for oh my omar!

1998 leaf eddie murraya final tribute! ed-die finished his career in 1997 with a second go around as a dodger. final stats: 3255 hits, 504 homeruns, 1917 rbi, 0 interviews.

1988 score bob welchsent to the a's, as this border coloring seems to suggest

1992 leaf todd benzingerintense!

1992 pinnacle orel hershiserthis is what happens when the manufacturers make 137 cards of one player in a 2 or 3 year span. there are only so many baseball poses to be had...

these next two are awesome.

1996 upper deck roberto kellycelebrating his vagabond ways - from the expos to the dodgers to the twins. technically, this is a twins card, but so what. it's a dodger sandwich.

1997 upper deck chad curtis

again, a dodger sandwich on what is really an indians card. not bad from an indians fan.

thanks david!

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