07 April 2009

fernandomania! through the mail success!

i was 10 in 1981 when fernando took over socal. i was so into the dodgers that season - i certainly was not one of those fans turned off by the strike (1994 was a whole different story), i just could not wait for the season to restart and for fernando to get back on the mound.

i sent a couple of cards to fernando in mid-march. he returned both cards, signing one - this 1991 topps card.there are a few reasons i love this card - for one, it catches him in his signature 'look to the sky' moment in his windup. it's also from the 91 set, which is one of my top 3 favorite topps sets ever. plus, it's his dodgers' final tribute - 1991 was the year he was released by the dodgers at the end of spring training.

i am really pleased with this card - if i had a sombrero, i would throw it to the sky! muchas gracias, fernando!

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night owl said...

muy bonita! (I don't know how to type one of those upside down exclamation points on the left side).

If you're willing to supply an address, I may give it a go.