27 December 2014

pacific at the plate

like many of you, i received a big ol' box of cards from play at the plate a while back. i posted some of the stuff that was included, but figured i should show more of the haul. i had specifically requested cards from pacific - the makers of some fantastically designed cards in the late 1990's and early 2000's.  there weren't any that were too crazy in what brian sent (no 2000 invincible, for example), but there was some good stuff nonetheless.  here's some of it.

1998 pacific paramount eric karros
1998 pacific paramount jose canseco
1998 pacific paramount tony gwynn
1998 pacific paramount orel hershiser
it is difficult to accept the reality of hershiser wearing a giants' uniform.

bobby bo was well represented in the box - here's his 1999 pacific
and 1999 pacific crown collection
cards.  plus, an alex cora card from 1999 pacific crown collection
former dodger prospect john franco is wearing a green cap for st. patrick's day on his 1999 pacific crown collection card
so that warrants an inclusion in the post. franco pitched in over 1100 games - i hope getting rafael landestoy back was worth it for al campanis and company.

here are some cards from 1999 pacific aurora - mark grudzielanek
raul mondesi
and reggie sanders
the sanders has an o-pee-chee type feel to it, without the text. i appreciate the lack of airbrushing on these types of cards.

finally, i mentioned that there were no cards from 2000 pacific invincible, but there were a few from the 1999 invincible release.  here's gary sheffield's card
and a couple of ben grieve seismic force inserts
they are actually the same insert with different photos.  the backs have identical text and numbers, but also use different photos
the portrait photo on the back goes with the one that has a portrait on the front, i believe.

this is just a small amount of the pacific goodness brian sent.  i scanned a bunch more, so you should see a couple more posts of this kind of stuff.  i can't get enough of pacific - the weirder, the better.  thanks brian.

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Stealing Home said...

My memory still blanks out Orel as a giant.