18 December 2014

i'll be interested to see what target stocks for me next...

here's the third of three repacks that target made me buy recently.  after pulling the first two off the hanger, i saw some more needed/wanted cards displayed in this repack.  let's see what else was inside.

2010 topps factory set limited edition ichiro
this card intrigued me, as it's got a foil imprint on the front and it's numbered rs2 on the back
1991 topps 1990 rookies robin ventura - four times now!
1991 topps 1990 rookies pat combs
1991 topps 1990 rookies larry walker - at least those two are different
1991 topps 1990 rookies todd zeile
1991 topps 1990 rookies john olerud - those two are not
1989 donruss terry leach
1990 score alvaro espinoza
1987 topps jamie quirk
1991 fleer jeff kunkel
1987 topps mike brown
1989 topps otis nixon
1990 fleer chad kreuter
1989 donruss rick mahler
1986 topps luis aguayo
1989 upper deck scott sanderson
1988 donruss checklist
1990 donruss lee mazzilli
1988 topps jay tibbs
1991 topps rich rodriguez
1992 pinnacle chili davis
1993 upper deck jose uribe
1988 donruss checklist - at least it's not the same as the first one in the repack
1993 topps luis salazar
1988 topps charlie puleo
1992 score jeff ballard
1989 fleer oddibe mcdowell
1991 score randy johnson
1990 fleer curt wilkerson
1991 upper deck mike scioscia
1987 topps omar moreno
omar doesn't care for this repack
1987 donruss jim presley diamond king
1986 topps andy hawkins
1991 score mark parent
1992 score steve buechele
1990 topps devon white
1988 donruss todd benzinger
1988 topps barry lyons
1994 classic minor league all-star edition trot nixon cream of the crop shiny insert
1989 score chris james
1999 upper deck encore jason kendall
1989 donruss cameron drew rated rookie
1988 pacific online eddie guardado
1988 pacific online eddie guardado - a double of a twin, so here's the back
not sure who 'rm' is that the new twins bullpen coach is memoralizing. raul mondesi? randy moss? any ideas?
1998 pinnacle tom candiotti
2009 upper deck first edition carlos beltran
2009 upper deck first edition akinori iwamura
2009 upper deck first edition daniel cabrera
2009 upper deck first edition stephen drew
2009 upper deck first edition tom glavine
1998 fleer ultra kevin millwood

now for part 2...

2004 fleer greats carlton fisk
pudge looks pissed
1992 topps bobby cox
1991 leaf kent mercker
1987 fleer rick sutcliffe
1989 score john kruk
1992 donruss rosario rodriguez
1992 pinnacle carlos baerga
1989 topps les lancaster
1989 donruss mike fitzgerald
1991 upper deck kirby puckett
puck looks happy
1987 topps randy o'neal
1993 pinnacle ken ryan
1992 topps stadium club chris james
1991 leaf ernest riles
1991 donruss gregg jefferies
1990 fleer tom herr
1991 donruss scott erickson
1989 topps bob dernier
1989 fleer todd benzinger
1987 topps bill dawley
1994 upper deck collector's choice pat rapp
1989 donruss bob kipper
1989 fleer dale sveum
1992 topps mike jackson
1990 donruss joe oliver
1987 donruss highlights tim raines
rock is in dodger stadium
1989 score rookies & traded bob geren
1988 topps denny walling
2000 fleer tradition update rafael furcal
1987 topps tom brunansky
2012 topps edwin jackson
2012 topps taylor green
2012 topps kyle hudson
2012 topps raul ibanez
2012 topps jay bruce
2012 topps james darnell
2012 topps brandon mccarthy
2012 topps mark melancon
2012 topps luke hughes
2012 topps brett wallace
wallace is in dodger stadium on father's day, 2011. i've been in dodger stadium on father's day a couple of times, but not for a while.
2011 topps gaby sanchez
2011 topps scott hairston
2011 topps ricky romero
2011 topps brian roberts
2011 topps mike fontenot
2011 topps jhonny peralta
2011 topps matt thornton
2011 topps mike pelfrey
2011 topps john jaso
2013 topps chrome paco rodriguez orange refractor
this was the main reason i bought this one.

let me know if you want/need any of these cards…

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