18 December 2014

seriously, target must have stocked these repacks just for me

here are the cards from the second of three repacks that i bought at target last week while doing some other shopping.  i glanced at the card aisle and saw the 2013 topps chrome asdrubal cabrera orange refractor from the first rpack looking at me, asking me to add it to my double play collection, and i bit.  when i removed that repack from the hanger, this next one was on full display, also asking for a home.  here's what it had in it

2010 topps manny ramirez - a dodger up front!  so here's the back
look at those dreads, and all that league leading red!
1991 topps 1990 rookies robin ventura
for the third time...might as well show it since i have three of them
1991 topps 1990 rookies frank thomas
1991 topps 1990 rookies jose offerman
1991 topps 1990 rookies todd zeile
1991 topps 1990 rookies john olerud
1989 fleer bob kipper
1991 classic best checklist
1988 topps jeff hamilton
1995 leaf alex cole
1987 topps john felske
1992 upper deck kenny lofton
1990 fleer dennis martinez
1992 fleer harold baines/wade boggs superstar specials
1994 upper deck todd benzinger
1993 donruss eric wedge
1986 topps mike jorgensen
1989 donruss mike lavalliere
1991 donruss craig biggio
1990 topps ricky horton
1991 donruss melido perez
1991 classic draft picks doug glanville
1992 topps stadium club mike schooler
1989 donruss david palmer
1989 score keith miller
1992 pinnacle orlando merced
1989 fleer brian holman
1990 fleer dennis eckersley
1992 fleer orel hershiser
1989 donruss tony gwynn diamond king
1987 topps joe orsulak
1989 score mark langston
1986 donruss ben oglivie
1988 donruss john farrell
1992 donruss kevin tapani
1988 fleer jeff calhoun
1991 score tom bolton
1988 topps luis polonia
1992 topps greg litton gold winner
1993 upper deck butch henry
1987 leaf kent hrbek
1991 topps steve farr
1990 topps bobby thigpen
1991 topps stadium club chris gwynn
2009 upper deck first edition brandon phillips
turning two!
2009 upper deck first edition brian roberts
2009 upper deck first edition mark derosa
2009 upper deck first edition dan uggla
2009 upper deck first edition chin-lung hu
2000 fleer gamers magglio ordonez

here's the second half:

2013 topps chrome eric hosmer orange refractor
1988 donruss jose deleon
1991 upper deck kirk dressendorfer
1988 donruss jeff stone
1996 topps frank rodriguez
1990 score greg gohr
1988 topps dick schofield
1992 donruss john wetteland
1987 donruss ben oglivie
at first, i thought that donruss had used the same photo of oglivie that they put on his 1986 donruss card, but a closer look (scroll back up) shows that they did not.  just a very similar pose from a completely different photo shoot.
1992 upper deck george bell
1996 topps delino deshields - a dodger yet it goes unshown
1988 donruss danny cox
1987 topps tim wallach - another one for the law firm in new mexico
2004 fleer national pastime josh beckett
1987 topps dan gladden
1996 topps checklist
1986 topps andre thornton
1983 topps manny castillo - oldest card of the repack
1988 donruss mark langston
1992 score billy hatcher
1987 topps thad bosley
2009 topps ticket to stardom ryan freel
1992 score luis alicea
1986 topps jose deleon - it's a deleon super repack!
1988 donruss gary gaetti diamond king
1992 topps stadium club bob mclure
1998 pinnacle mint barry bonds (without the coin insert)
1990 donruss fred manrique
1992 fleer ultra felix jose
1992 score jeff carter
2011 topps raul ibanez
2011 topps baltimore orioles
2011 topps phil hughes
2011 topps kevin correia
2011 topps ryan perry
2011 topps travis hafner
2011 topps koji uehara
2011 topps aaron harang
2012 topps kosuke fukudome
2012 topps scott downs
2012 topps jaime garcia
2012 topps jose bautista/curtis granderson/mark teixeira league leaders
2012 topps carlos ruiz
2012 topps anibal sanchez
2012 topps justin smoak
2012 topps yadier molina
2012 topps jose reyes/ryan braun/matt kemp league leaders
2012 topps barry zito
2012 topps derek jeter checklist
2011 topps logan morrison
2004 fleer greats don zimmer
i'm sure you (and target shelf stockers) understand - i couldn't resist seeing manny and zimmer in the windows and not going for this repack.  let me know if you see anything you want or need out of it…

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BaseSetCalling said...

I pulled the Frank Thomas glossy Rookie too recently. I was surprised when I peaked at it on COMC...