27 December 2014

omg omega

i promised to show some more pacific cards from the box that play at the plate sent a while back, so here are a few cards from 1998 pacific omega that came my way.  i'll start with what may have been the best card of the box - mike piazza's 1998 pacific omega card
yes, it is technically a mets card, but i'll keep it in my collection because it is also a non-dodger dodger card.  pacific decided to forego the foil photo that was supposed to go on the right side of the card in order to honor all three teams for whom piazza suited up in 1998.  i appreciate that.

here are some regular cards from the set, and 'real' dodgers at that - bobby bonilla
wilton guerrero
todd hollandsworth
paul konerko
raul mondesi
ismael valdes
here are some non-dodgers for the heck of it:

brad fullmer
who is featured because we should remember the expos

barry bonds
rickey henderson
cal ripken jr.
mariano rivera
david ortiz
and david wells
with what may have been the second best card in the box.

pacific didn't play by the rules, and that's why they have so many cool cards in my opinion. maybe if topps made cards like the three-team piazza or used a photo from david wells' perfect game on his base card, i wouldn't be so attracted to pacific's stuff.

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