25 December 2014

christmas cards?

i didn't really want to post that 2001 pacific vladimir guerrero ornament card again, but i struggled to find some cards appropriate for today.  then i thought about red and green - those are christmas colors! so, this 1963 topps john roseboro card must be a christmas card, right?
 plus, it's the 25th, so that means a tommy john card makes sense, like this 1994 ted williams card
that shows (most of) his jersey number.  plus, the number is in red!

and then there's rickey henderson, who just happens to have been born on december 25th (happy 56th, rickey!).  unfortunately, i only have cards showing the man of steal as an oakland athletic scanned and heretofore unseen on this blog, so an a's card will have to suffice.  here's a 1991 topps stadium club charter member card
plus rickey's 1998 fleer ultra card
which is ridiculously colorful enough to have been an ornament card from pacific.  so there you go - full circle with the ornament cards.

merry christmas, everybody.

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