11 December 2014

one step closer (and one step back) to finishing off the garvey oddball binder

like many of you, i did some card shopping on black friday. i bought some cards on ebay and from check out my cards, and put in a sportlots order over the ensuing weekend.  one of the cards i bought from check out my cards was quickly inserted into the steve garvey oddball binder once it was delivered.  that would be this 1982 on deck disc
it looks a lot like the blank back msa discs from 1981 (which are actually the same thing as the peter pan/sunbeam discs i recently discovered), except these ones are not blank on the backs
there are still a number of garvey discs from the late 1970's that i don't own, and that's ok, although i currently have room for three more in my binder since this one is in a four-pocket page all by itself.  i'll probably do something about that eventually.

here's another sheet from the binder - it features a 1983 colorano silk cachet and a 1996 dodgers ticket
the cachet celebrates garvey tying billy williams for the national league consecutive games played record.  there's another one (that i could own for $1.98 right now on the bay if i really wanted it) that celebrates the next night's game (which i attended) when he broke williams' record.

the ticket stub comes from the 8/23/96 game against the mets.  i think these were the seats that my company had that i was able to use from time to time for free, usually on short notice.  there were four tickets, and sometimes only two or three of us would go to the game.  in this case, i decided to save the unused ticket that featured the first foursome to reach the 30 home run plateau in the same season.  the dodgers won the game 8-5, by the way.

the oddball binder is also home to the 1979 post raisin bran steve garvey's baseball tips set that i showed previously
it also contains the 1984 star set that reviews the garv's career through the 1983 season.  i've shown this set before, too, so it is featured here with no commentary.
what's left to show are non-certified autographs and cards that should have been.  here are a couple of oddball autographed items from a page in the binder
on the left is a 1983 padres postcard that i purchased in a lot of garvey stuff probably about 10 years ago, and on the first is a signed dodger sticker that is most likely from the late 1970's.  i got one as a kid that was signed by gerry hannahs, but i don't know where it is now.  the dodgers would have players sign these stickers at autograph stations before certain games.  these days, they have postcard type items printed up for the signers.

as for cards that should have been, here's one that bob lemke made - a 1955 topps football style card that features garvey in a michigan state spartan uniform.
that sits in an 8-pocket page all by itself.  we should get to the main garvey collection binders soon, unless i keep buying more oddballs to add (and post about) to the oddball binder.

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Mark Hoyle said...

I've picked up a few cards from Bob Lemke myself. He produces a great card.