27 December 2014

more smatterings from the pacific smorgasbord

i've got just a few more cards to show from the box that brian at play at the plate sent to me.  the box was mostly pacific brand cards, with some 2002 upper deck vintage thrown in as well.

here's a 1999 pacific prism otis nixon card
he's wearing the ellis valentine face mask, which actually reminds me of lando calrissian's helmet from the start of return of the jedi.

1999 pacific paramount ben grieve
1999 pacific private stock john olerud
i thought the olerud was an insert, but it was not.  just a shiny base card

2000 pacific paramount randy velarde
the mustard background works for the a's cards, but that was by design. there weren't any dodgers from this set in the box, but their cards have a blue background that also complements their uniforms.

2000 pacific private stock craig biggio
which is a sort of precursor to 2001 topps gallery and the upper deck masterpieces sets of the late 2000's.

this is a 2000 pacific diamond leaders card of the reds
i have a couple of these (the brewers and dodgers) in my memorials collection.

the last pacific card i'll show also comes from 2000 pacific.  it's a derek jeter ruby foil parallel
jeets was also prevalent in the 2002 upper deck vintage cards that were in the box - he shows up on three of the postseason scrapbook subset cards
i know that the first one there is more of an alfonso soriano card, but jeter is waiting at home plate so it's a jeter card, too.

thanks again for the great cards brian! i had a blast looking through the box.


Nick said...

Hmm, someone recently sent me a copy of that Otis Nixon face mask card. I wonder who...

The Junior Junkie said...

I don't even know where to start with Pacific. So many sets and inserts and wacky names and numeration. Some really cool cards, too, but also a lot of weirdness. Excellent weirdness.

Play at the Plate said...

So glad you enjoyed all the cards Jim!