20 December 2014

this is the time of year to drop strong hints

do you make a christmas list? i was told at an early age by my uncle that it is better to give people an idea of what you would like to receive this time of year than to leave it to chance and perhaps wind up with a box of handkerchiefs.  lesson learned.

i recently noted on a night owl post that i was looking for a 2014 topps stadium club mike piazza card (of which night owl had two), and not too long after, i received the card in the mail from said blogger.
piazza didn't travel alone, either.  greg threw in a 2014 topps chrome hanley ramirez purple refractor
and a 2013 topps gypsy queen clayton kershaw white framed card
as well.  i will take night owl's dodger hand-me-downs any day of the week.  yes, that was a strong hint.

jeff at 2x3 heroes and i have been swapping pwe's for a while now, but the pace has increased recently.  i was quick to return the three-pocket insert that he used to send me the previous batch of cards with a note that said something like "you're it" or "your turn" or "send me more!".  he got the hint.  here's a 2014 bowman chrome mini card of mr cy young and mvp
plus a 2013 topps sandy koufax (also mr cy young and mvp) cut to the chase card
you want more mr cy young and (world series) mvp?  ok, here's orel hershiser on a 1994 fleer ultra card
and a chan ho park insert card from the same set.
park was neither a cy young nor an mvp, although piazza once went on record saying that chan ho had cy young stuff.

jeff also sent a 2014 bowman chrome prospects auto card of brandon trinkwon.
he must have bought these in bulk, because i am pretty sure he sent one to zakwin also.

last but not least, there was this card - a 2008 upper deck michael young card
the future dodger is not, however, playing baseball on tatooine as there is a little sliver of grass in the upper left corner.  a clearing on the forest moon of endor? perhaps. tatooine? no.

thanks for the cards guys.  send me more.  hint hint.

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night owl said...

There's that stack of Dodgers waiting for you for when the time/money suck period (a.k.a. Christmas) goes away.