15 November 2014

plays at second base from play at the plate

i recently alluded to a big ol' box of cards that i received from brian at play at the plate.  it was mostly pacific cards with some 2002 upper deck vintage thrown in for good measure.  that was what i had requested when he put the spoils from a recent 5000 card box purchase up for grabs.  luckily for me, brian also fished out some double play cards and added them to my haul.  let's have a look at some.

1999 fleer tradition ricky gutierrez
ricky is joined on the card by a lurking matt luke, former dodger outfielder and double dipper, so that's nice.  he also demonstrates his awkward double play lean.

that lean is not shown on another gutierrez double play card from the bunch, this one from 1999 topps stadium club
but it does surface on his 2002 fleer ultra card that was also included
on to the non-ricky gutierrez cards

here's carlos baerga turning two on a 1999 fleer tradition card
the indians did the right thing by trading baerga when they did (during the 1996 season) as he experienced a pretty significant drop off when he joined the mets.  the indians received jeff kent and jose vizcaino as part of the return from the amazin's, and then parlayed them into matt williams for the 1997 season.  williams helped the tribe get to the world series, and then they traded him for travis fryman, who was a mainstay for a few seasons with cleveland.

1999 fleer tradition damion easley
and 1999 fleer tradition aaron ledesma
here's ledesma's teammate, miguel cairo, turning two on a 1999 topps stadium club card
as are mike lansing
and tony womack
there were some parallels in the box, too, like this 2002 fleer ultra gold medallion edition adam kennedy card
and quite a few ruby parallels from 2000 pacific.  among them were some double play turns like miguel cairo
who makes his second appearance in the post;

rey ordonez
who should have more double play cards than he does;

and miguel tejada
who may well have more double play cards than anyone else.  now, 2000 pacific had a black & white version of the card's front photo on the back, and since there were two tejada's sent my way, i'll add his back to the dp collection
this next one, i am considering to be a double play card because of jay bell's airborne state, and because why else would brian send me a 1998 fleer metal universe card of a royal?
you can't really see because of the scan, but bell is leaping over a butte rather than a sliding player.  it makes for some variety in the dp binder.

i'll showcase a few more dp cards from the patp box later...

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