05 December 2014

dodger stadium playing peek-a-boo

here are some cards that feature dodger stadium in the background.  please enjoy.

1999 topps gary sheffield
i am a fan of the low fence in the outfield corners, although i wish they had left it alone during the most recent renovations. now it's a solid structure as opposed to the way it used to be.  here it is again on chris stynes' 1999 topps card
and that of dmitri young as well.
2000 bowman kevin brown
and 1999 upper deck ultimate victory steve finley
with the outfield murals.  much better than the advertisements that adorn the outfield walls today.

1990 topps hills hit men kirk gibson
gibby is hitting in the same spot as reggie jackson did in the 1980 all-star game or 1981 world series.  either could be pictured on this 2011 topps marquee card
it's either 1980 or 1981 based on the black armband.

here's a 2000 upper deck card of bruce aven
showing the batter's box from a slightly different angle.  looks like angel pena lurking there in the background.

winter is in full force here in the north, so i am looking a bit more longingly at these images of sunny chavez ravine.  four more months...

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