31 December 2014

the calendar turns with some double play turns

looks like we made it through another year, and what better way to celebrate than to show some double play turns.  i've found a few more that are new to my collection, and none may be better than this 1991 pacific senior league jerry terrell card
it's a coach card to boot!

i had overlooked this 1997 upper deck neifi perez
double play turn due to the over application of foil, but now it has had its status upgraded in my collection from monster box fodder to double play binder material.

similarly, i had previously failed to show the back of mike bordick's 1993 upper deck sp card
even though i had shown the front a long time ago.

here's a 1998 pacific online scott spiezio card
i've shown the red foil parallel before, but not the base.

how about some derek jeter for all the fan boys out there.  here's his 2005 topps card
plus a 2006 upper deck
and a 2008 upper deck superstar card
i'm actually looking forward to some decent final tributes in 2015.

alfonso soriano was, at one time, jeter's double play partner.  here's a 2001 leaf rookies & stars card of the former yankee second baseman
i had almost forgotten he was once an infielder.

now how about some trevor plouffe?  here's a 2012 topps golden sparkle parallel,
a 2012 topps walmart blue parallel,
and a 2012 topps mini card
of the twins' current third baseman.  now, instead of turning double plays, plouffe hits doubles - he had 40 in 2014, which was good for fourth in the league.

i picked up this 2010 topps robin yount short print a while back
it would have looked nice as a 1978 or 1979 topps card, i think.

fast forward to 2014, and we have the somewhat rare double play card whose subject is the base runner - jordan danks in this case
and a pretty standard double play turn, although it is a red hot foil parallel, featuring the marlins' donovan solano
i'm hoping to see some photoshopped dee gordon as a marlin double play turns in 2015.

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