13 December 2014

'o' yeah!, another trade with ryan

sending me an email asking to trade or if it's ok to send me some cards, or if i want some cards, or even just letting me know that you are sending cards is a lot like yelling 'hey kool-aid!'  i'll bust through the email wall saying 'oh yeah!'.  ryan from 'o' no another orioles blog told me he was sending me some cards, and then he did just that.  he must have read a recent post in which i mentioned that i was half-heartedly going after the 2001 topps heritage set, because he sent a nice stack of cards for my endeavor.

here's mark grudzielanek
and eric karros
two of the dodgers in the set.  

now, i am sure i've told this story before, but when i first heard about this set, i pre-ordered a box on ebay for what turned out to be a fantastic price.  unfortunately, the seller (a card shop owner somewhere out east) passed away before the cards were released, and i never received my cards.  if he just wanted to keep my box once it was realized just how hot of a product this was going to be, he went through an elaborate hoax with lawyers and what not.  unfortunately, there was not much i could do but leave negative feedback once i was told that there were bigger creditors than i in line for renumeration, as this was way before ebay's money back guarantee, and i wasn't going to file a small claims court claim.  so, the set came out and i bought a few packs, but was kind of soured on the whole thing.  i picked up a few singles here and there and eventually decided to put the set together as i had originally planned, but the pursuit has stalled out over the years.  maybe this is the kickstart i needed.

i was happy that the dodgers weren't part of the short prints, even though they were with the original 1952 topps set.  instead, team collectors of the mets, orioles, padres, phillies, and red sox were pretty well screwed.

here are some other cards that ryan sent.

rick ankiel
and jd drew
those two cards on cards would have been pretty hot items in 2001.

tony armas jr
because we should not forget the expos

freddy garcia
i do not know who he is honoring with the number '43' on his cap

and jose vizcaino
who was actually twice a dodger and once a postseason hero for the 2000 world champion yankees.

those are just a few of the cards that ryan sent, and i've finally added a want list for the set to my want list site.  as of right now, i haven't crossed any cards off since i need to find my partial set to do so.  while i'm doing that, feel free to ask me about setting up a trade.

thanks ryan - i'll have some stuff out to you early next week!

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Ryan H said...

You're definitely welcome. I think I got these cards in packs at 7-11 not long after they came out. Speaking of Orioles, each and every card in the team set was an SP including the Ripken. F U Topps!